July 2, 2012

The Future in Three Images

Tags: Concealed Intent

After last week’s look back, now it is time to look forward. I expect the next year of my life will be dominated by these images.

At the end of this year I am moving to Kuala Lumpur for my partner’s work. I’ll be there for possibly 4 years. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing there, but I hope to continue with this:

Above are 2 player drones and a player corvette rounding a small planet and closing on a stack of 3 enemy ships. It is from a computer game I’m working on codenamed SpaceSub (because it’s all about stealth). It is still in a fairly early stage of development. More news on it will be available at:

I’m repurposing Jarrah Technology, my old consulting company, as an indie game developer for SpaceSub. The website will soon be updated to reflect that new identity.