February 11, 2008

Strange Sign Language

Tags: Memories

One weekend afternoon I was wasting some time and had the TV on in the background. Some sort of animal bothering show was on and caught my attention. The show’s image was overlaid with a sign language interpreter signing along the dialogue. So I turned off the sound and tried to work out what was going on from the sign language. At first the host was just annoying alligators, but then he interviewed a young girl who had her arm in bandages. At one point the girl repeatedly pinched her bandaged arm with her whole hand in a detached manner. I guessed she must have been talking about being bitten by an alligator at the time and waited for the sign language version. Apparently, the sign language for being bitten on the arm by an alligator is furiously pinching your arm with the whole hand while alternating between a furious face and a scared face!