February 5, 2008

UK Credit checks

Tags: Finance, UK

Recently I had someone suggest not all was fine with my credit. A little concerned, I decided to check my credit report (for reference, I currently live in the UK and all the details I mention should be assumed to be UK specific). UK law states that the credit agencies have to provide you with a copy of your personal credit report for £2. However, it looks like the agencies would much rather sell you far more expensive deals with subscriptions, online access, regular updates, commentary/interpretation, etc. I’m sure these packages are useful for many people, but I just wanted the statutory credit report and finding the details about this took some effort amongst all the other marketing. It was nearly an hour of digging across the three credit agencies before I obtained the required forms. I’m guessing the law states there must be at least one link from the agency’s home page to the forms, but no more than that. So to help other people, here are some quick links direct to the info and forms:

UPDATE: Experian promptly sent back my credit report; the other two cashed my cheques but sent back requests for proof of residency. I will send them the requested documents.

UPDATE: I now have all three credit reports. It was fairly painless process, albeit a slow one (although snail mail and proof of residency are fine by me to ensure the reports aren’t sent out to just anyone).