September 13, 2008

What now?

Tags: Entrepreneurship, Projects, Queuesaurus

It is done, or at least, the beginning is done. I have put the current version of my program on the web, proceed directly to Queuesaurus ( and tame the work beast! Please note, it should still be considered beta software.

So, what next? Well, I have a massive feature todo list for Queuesaurus (soon to be transcribed to the web version of Queuesaurus in a valiant attempt at dogfooding) and no doubt bugs will be discovered (if you find a bug or have a feature request, add it to the “Queuesaurus Issues” queue). However, that is not a proper answer to the question, I could keep improving Queuesaurus nearly forever. Instead I need to know how far to pursue this or whether to move onto other things.

During the last few months I have had numerous other project ideas, some that could be a business and others that are little more than side distractions. So far, only one has been pursued beyond thought (I’ll blog about that later). A few times it has passed my mind to start something new.

The original aims of Queuesaurus were to, at a minimum, keep working until I had something usable and learn about setting up a web business. I think I can just claim to have achieved the first goal, but not the second. There is still a great deal to learn beyond the technical side. I’m not going to leave my consulting contract just yet, nor am I ready to advertise or properly release it, but I think it’s worth giving Queuesaurus a bit of time to see how it goes. After that, who knows. I also think I should head out to the occasional local tech event and get the word out. The more people who try out Queuesaurus, the better it will become and I’ll get a better idea of its potential.

Anyway give it a try!