October 6, 2008

Todo lists are hard

Tags: Entrepreneurship, Projects, Queuesaurus

This blog article argues that current online todo list and project management tools don’t meet people’s needs and are too complex. Judging by the comments of some people at the London Hackers Meetup, this is not an uncommon view. I agree too. This is why I’m trying to steer a user-friendly middle-path between Queuesarus’ competitors - a group it seems Ativiti intends to join (yeah, bring it on!).

So how is it going? Well the Beta testing suggests that the functionality is nearly good enough, but that it is still not user-friendly. I’m not sure what to do. While I knew some parts of the system were difficult to understand, I had a plan for them. However, there are problems with areas I thought were fine. As the blog says, it is a hard problem and I haven’t seen it done well. More thought is required, and advice is welcome.