February 26, 2009

New Goals

Tags: Goals, Projects

Last year I started this by stating I wanted to write a system, put it up online and create a startup around it. Well, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad. I’d still like to create a product business, but I’m fairly happy I got Queuesaurus up and running. I partially attribute this result to publishing the goal So I thought I’d write a new list.

Achievable goals (I hope to manage most of these):

  • Improve Ruby skills to general professional standard (at present I know it just well enough to do what I want), particularly:
    • Gemify BBC weather component and put it on github
    • Continue working on Queuesaurus issue list (now kept on queuesaurus - viva dogfooding!)
    • Start next web project
  • Learn Scala to point of being able to rewrite one of my old abandoned libraries in it
  • Learn Blender to point of being able to recreate simple ancient historical architectural scenes (no need for animation or people)
  • Decrease net ownership of physical goods
  • Blog at an average rate of at least 4 times a month
  • Run 5km in 25 minutes

Stretch goals (I’m unlikely to manage any of these without significantly more spare time):

  • Get the weather app to a standard where I would be happy to open source it (no one would use it, but it could show what I can do)
  • learn Blender and gaming libraries enough to create simplistic graphical MMOs
  • Restart abandoned libraries (graph data type, yafal, music library analyser)
  • Play poker profitably
  • Make enough money from non-consulting activities to cover costs