May 6, 2009

Intrade Implied Interest Rates in Java

Tags: Gambling, Java, Projects, Technical

A while ago I wrote a blog post asking is there dumb money on Intrade? The short answer was probably not once the implied interest rate was considered, unless a chain of nearly expired “easy money” trades could be constructed. When I heard that the Goggle app engine supported Java I was keen to try it out. So I ported my manual Intrade interest rate calculation to Java and had it read the Intrade XML feed to check for any contracts finishing soon with high implied interest rates. Unfortunately, the code fell foul of Google’s time limit on reading data from other websites. Rather than see the code go to waste, I decided to clean it up and release it. It is a command line Java app with all the code available under the MIT license. It’s probably best to just load it up in Eclipse and run the launch file to see it working. Enjoy!

You can download the whole eclipse project here.