January 10, 2010

New goals, again

Tags: Goals

I don’t like new year resolutions detailing plans to make yourself better - I’m already great! However, I do like the idea of setting a few goals. This year’s goals are fairly similar to last years, but a little less ambitious:

  • Blog at an average rate of at least 4 times a month. Fairly sure I can do this with the Blender and History Podcast posts I’m planning.
  • Only have 2 programming projects going at the same time. Reassess projects every 3 months. The first two are: learning how to load and animate blender models in a 3D graphics engine; and a secret project.
  • Complete 3 Blender models and write tutorials on them - the models are a robot (to learn animation), a Thermopolium, and a Broch.
  • Maintain Queuesaurus and general ruby skills. Try to use Scala.
  • Run 5km in 25 minutes. This is a bit ambitious.
  • Decrease net ownership of physical goods