January 1, 2011

A Global History of Architecture

Tags: History, Architecture

Around six months ago I received an email on my Flickr account asking if one of my photos (the Pompeii Basilica) could be used in a forthcoming architecture book. A little suspicious at first, after some investigation I decided it was probably a legimate request and there was nothing to lose. So I gave my permission and expected nothing to occur (but I did hope). Well last week A Global History of Architecture (Amazon UK) by Ching, Jarzombek & Prakash turned up on the doorstep.

A Global History of

It is a very impressive book. Clearly designed as a textbook, I can easily imagine dipping in to read a passage now and then. Not being an architect or historian, I’m not sure how good it is as a reference source, but I can vouch for the quality of the production (including many fine diagrams and photos - may I recommend the Pompeii Basilica on page 155) and the breadth of content.

Here is the photo used (on page 155).

Pompeii Basilica