January 7, 2011


Tags: Goals

Time again to reassess and reset goals. Last year my goals were:

  • Blog at an average rate of at least 4 times a month. Result: achieved. - This was close, publishing the 48th post just a few days before the end of the year. At points during the year I found myself forcing out a post over a weekend (normally a history podcast review), when the time could have been spent more fruitfully.
  • Only have 2 programming projects going at the same time. Result: achieved. - This is a good system. I never did more than two projects at once and worked to pre-decided completion points. As well as the 3D engine animation and secret project (that didn’t work out), I also did IMINRA and a Java NIO server and am currently working on another quiet project. However, focussing on 1 or 2 things at a time and finishing them means that I now have a long list of things I’d like to do.
  • Complete 3 Blender models. Result: not achieved. - I managed one, the robot.
  • Maintain Queuesaurus and general ruby skills. Result: not achieved. Barely did any programming outside of Java this year.
  • Run 5km in 25 minutes. Result: not achieved. - I was getting somewhere on this goal until I injured my foot in August and haven’t run since (it’s still injured).
  • Decrease net ownership of physical goods. Result: achieved.

Now for the coming year:

  • Blog at an average rate of at least 3 times a month. Based on experience of the last 2 years, this should be easy to manage and I shouldn’t need to force myself to write anything.
  • Only have 2 programming projects going at the same time. Despite the backlog, I think this worked well. I will start on more of the quiet project and more 3D programming (I want to try out Unity).
  • Complete 2 Blender models - a Thermopolium and a Broch.
  • Decrease net ownership of physical goods. Might be a little hard this year as I plan on buying a new computer this month and I’ve already divested the low hanging fruit.
  • Run 5km in 27 minutes. After being inactive for many months I can’t wait to have my foot in good condition again and start running (although more carefully from now on).
  • Work less, travel more.

Plus as a nice to do, if I have time:

  • Maintain general Ruby and Scala skills.