January 7, 2012


Tags: Goals

Just 12 months ago I said I hoped to achieve the below by the start of this year:

  • Blog at an average rate of at least 3 times a month. Result: achieved. - 48 posts in 12 months, so this target was easily surpassed.
  • Only have 2 programming projects going at the same time. Result: achieved. - I did this to the letter of the goal, but there were a couple of abandoned projects along the way. On the plus side, I did a couple of successful little projects to teach myself game coding (see my blender page) and now I’m working on a larger game demo to test out some ideas.
  • Complete 2 Blender models. Result: partial. - I did two, a Roman lamp and a spaceship. However, I originally planned to do two completely different (more complex) models. This difference occurred as I needed to learn the new Blender 2.5 interface, and then wanted to focus on game models rather than historical models.
  • Decrease net ownership of physical goods. Result: maybe. - I bought a new computer and it is quite large. Apart from that I have less, but when included it is about even.
  • Run 5km in 27 minutes. Result: not even close. - My foot problem has not abated all year. A few abortive runs midyear quickly led to a reoccurrence of the injury and further rest. Only now do I seem to be back to normal - but I’m yet to properly test it.
  • Work less, travel more. Result: achieved. - Cornwall, Turkey, Andalusia, Tenerife, plus some other little holidays.
  • Maintain general Ruby and Scala skills. Result: partial. - I’ve done some Ruby, but no Scala.

For the coming year I have decreased the number of goals, mainly because there are a few big ones:

  • Blog at an average rate of at least 3 times a month. Never more than 4 a month. Historically this shouldn’t be a problem, but I also don’t want it to become a time sink.
  • Complete the game demo and send it out for comments. If the feedback is not disastrous start working on a full game. This is my main goal now. I’d also like to do one other project over the year (probably a simple website).
  • Be able to run. I just want my foot to be completely better so and I can run without concern, speed is not important.
  • Decrease net ownership of physical goods, as always but especially relevant considering the next goal.
  • Leave the UK. Recent events mean this will probably be my last year in the UK. It took months to organise my move here. I expect a similar effort this time.

Plus as a nice to do, if I have time:

  • Maintain general Blender, Ruby and Scala skills - same as last year.