June 17, 2012

Blog Stats

Tags: Meta

On February 5th 2008, the first post on this blog was published. This is the 201st posting, so it is time for a recap. The blog was originally to document the creation of a business website. That business idea, Queuesaurus, has been and gone, but the blog continues. I think it is useful to practice writing - it’s certainly not for the money!

In nearly four and a half years this blog has generated 133,340 page views from 70,904 unique visitors. This has resulted in 77 AdSense clicks for income of $31 (versus a hosting cost over the same period of $104). However, it is gratifying to see that the number of visitors is on a steadily upward trend. As the graph below shows, the number of monthly visits has grown to around 4500/month at present.

Most people visiting this blog will never read this post. 75% of people come to it through a search engine (mainly Google) and view a single technical article. The top ten posts account for 60% of the page views and all of those ten are technical in nature (this is the most popular page, and this the second most popular).

Unfortunately there are only 14 comments on the site. I had to turn comments off a couple of years ago because I was receiving about 50 spam comments a day after the spam filters cleared out the most obvious ones!