August 11, 2012


Tags: UK

On Thursday was the Olympic Women’s Football Final, which I attended.

I’m not a huge Football fan, but Ann wanted to see at least one Olympic event and this was the only one for which we could get tickets (the Olympic online ticketing system is a mess). And not bad tickets they were, just off to the side 21 rows back from one of the goals. We had a clear view of everything that happened at our end. Although despite the pitch being smaller than I had expected (maybe I’m just used to the larger AFL pitches), my depth perception wasn’t too good when play was at the other end.

The game was good with lots of action. The US beat Japan 2-1. Japan appeared by far the more aggressive team, or maybe they were more desperate, as the US went a goal up early in the match. Certainly the US players owe their goalie a few drinks after a series of great saves.

It was a good natured game and crowd (although more fouls occurred towards the end of the match). There seemed to be more US supporters and more US flags, but there was still a good number of Japanese supporters and no segregation. Both “USA, USA, USA” and “Nippon, Nippon, Nippon” chants regularly reverberated around the stadium. The crowd was huge, I have never seem so many people in one place - 80,207 according the the announcer. There was just a continuous flood of people heading in and out of the stadium.

A surprisingly good night.