January 13, 2013


Tags: Goals

A year has again quickly passed and it is time to assess the goals I set last year and decide what I want to achieve in the coming year. Last year I said I would:

  • Blog at an average rate of at least 3 times a month. Result: achieved. 43 blog posts in 12 months.
  • Complete the game demo and send it out for comments. Result: achieved. I completed a prototype of Concealed Intent around mid-year and had some positive feedback. I then started on the proper game and sent out an early build to a friend - more positive feedback with some constructive criticism. I’m confident enough in the idea that I will continue.
  • Be able to run. Result: achieved. I can run for about 10 minutes (at a slow speed) with no complaint by my feet or ankles the next day. It’s not much, but it’s a definite improvement. My feet are not 100%, they sometimes feel a bit tight, but I haven’t had any pain for months.
  • Decrease net ownership of physical goods. Result: achieved (just). I got rid of all my DVDs, some books, old clothes and many unnecessary papers (e.g. 9 year old bank statements). On the other side of the ledger I acquired a laptop. I know that everything I own now fits in around 11 packing boxes and two suitcases. It will be hard to make further decreases without getting rid of my books, CDs or desktop PC.
  • Leave the UK. Result: achieved. I now live in Kuala Lumpur and plan to be here for the next 4 years. After 6 weeks, I like it here. I don’t think enjoyment of life will be a problem, but I just need to be mindful of my career for when it comes time to leave.
  • Maintain general Blender, Ruby and Scala skills. Result: partial. I have barely touched Blender and haven’t used Ruby at all. However, my Scala skills were improved by the Functional Programming course from Coursera. There is talk of a follow-on course teaching more advanced concepts in Scala - I look forward to it.

Not a bad track record. I think it helps to just focus on a few things rather than trying to achieve too much. For the coming year, I will:

  • Finish or nearly finish Concealed Intent to a saleable level. I want to complete the game to at least public beta where it just requires some fine-tuning and bug-fixing. The aim is to sell the finished game and at least break even. Thus I will continuously promote the game through the year, to build awareness. I will aim to build a community as early as possible. Especially for the purposes of gaining feedback (to this end I hope to soon’ish produce an alpha build with a wider testing audience). Starting soon, I hope to produce nearly weekly updates on progress at Jarrah Technology.

And that is it! Well no, there are a couple more, but Concealed Intent is going to be such a focus over the coming year, it deserves a list to itself.

  • Blog at an average rate of at least 3 times a month. Never more than 4 a month. The level of effort required to maintain this blog over the last year seems about right to me. Many of the technical posts will probably migrate to the Jarrah Technology blog, so this will become largely memories, travels and general thoughts.
  • Exercise 3 times a week. For the first time in 6 years, I have both the time to exercise and I’m injury-free. While my first priority is to stay injury-free, I also want to become fit again, rather than being puffed after just a slow 10min run.