January 3, 2013

Standing Desks

Tags: General

I have succumbed to a fad - the standing desk. Now that I have moved countries and needed to set up my working environment again, I though I’d try standing rather than sitting. After injuring my foot nearly two years ago now, I have found that after sitting a desk for several hours (as I tend to do when concentrating hard) the injury gets worse. Only very regular stretching and walking compensates for the sitting I do as part of the normal working day. Moving into our new flat, I found a couple of small bedside tables that were the perfect height for setting up a standing arrangement.

After a week of standing, it now feels comfortable. At first my heels would ache and my foot seemed tense. I think this was due to me standing with locked knees and having all my weight run down through my heels. Now I lean a little forward and take most weight through the pads of my feet (just behind the toes). Rolling my feet on a tennis ball occasionally also helps. I also find it easier to jiggle around and move, rather than stay completely stationary. There is less impedance to moving around. I can’t say my foot is any better, but neither is it any worse. In any case the standing makes me more mobile and less stiff, so I will continue using it for now.