March 5, 2013


Tags: General

I have a problem with ideas. Not that I don’t have any, but that I have too many. Admittedly most of the ideas aren’t very good or are totally impractical, but they still take time to evaluate. Furthermore, a new idea is exciting. When I first think of something new it can consume my thoughts for days - both with evaluation and fantasy. As a result other tasks suffer - ideas are worthless, execution is everything.

When I wanted to write a computer game, three months worth of ideas and notes went into a document. By the end of that time there were 9 different ideas in there. The best (and most importantly, simplest) idea became Concealed Intent. The other 8 are not practical or not interesting enough to see to completion. Although all are still sitting in that archived document - a couple are games I would play, but they are just too ambitious for a small team. Concealed Intent was the best idea by a good distance.

A couple of other idea have come along during development. After a few days thought, they went into the archive with the others. Now I have had another idea. A great idea. A better idea than Concealed Intent. It requires simpler coding (no 3D). It is easier to play and more accessible. The story is emergent based on play. It could even be a casual free-to-play web game for maximum reach. I have several hours developing the day. Time that would otherwise be spent on Concealed Intent and thus development on the latter has slowed.

What to do? I think I need to finish what I started. Many ideas will come along, but the main focus has to be completing Concealed Intent. Otherwise I will be forever starting something and then dropping it for the latest great idea. Still, a few hours now and then on the new idea can’t hurt too much, right?