July 15, 2013

Hong Kong

Tags: Travel, China

Just back from a short trip to Hong Kong. A couple of days is probably not enough to see the city properly, but I’m sure I’ll be back at least once over the next few years.

The Bay

My traveling companion really enjoyed the city, describing it as an Asian New York. I can see the comparison, it is certainly a high rise, busy city. There is the impression is something is always happening. It is also a very walkable city which also has functioning public transport. We criss-crossed the city looking for a highly recommended (and elusive!) Dim sum restaurant. Eventually found in the third place suggested, the trip never seemed particularly onerous - the food was good too.

However, I had a slightly different reaction to the crowds - it was too much. The city itself felt like Oxford Street in London during the post-Christmas sales - impossible to walk in a straight line or see more than a few steps due to the weight of people. Kowloon was even busier.