February 20, 2014


Tags: Goals

Did you think I forgot? Or, perhaps trying to hide the ugly truth. Last year I wrote that my only goal for 2013 was to “finish or nearly finish Concealed Intent to a saleable level.” Failed. Not even close. An alpha version was sent out to friends in August and the feedback was “too complex”. Since then the game has been largely rewritten to make the gameplay mechanics more straightforward. Only now is it returning to the “early alpha” level of 6 months ago. To be honest, even if the feedback was positive and no rewrite was necessary, Concealed Intent still probably would not be finished by now, but it would be close.

Thus my goal for 2014 is just a copy of last year’s goal:

  • Finish or nearly finish Concealed Intent to a saleable level. I want to complete the game to at least public beta where it just requires some fine-tuning and bug-fixing. The aim is to sell the finished game and at least break even.

Even my minor goals will be repeats from last year. Previously, I said I would like to post around 3 blogs/month and exercise 3 times a week. I achieved both of these (apart from when ordered not to exercise after surgery). So my “nice to manage” list is:

  • Blog on my personal website at least 3 times a month, but less than 4 times a month. Post at Jarrah Technology at least once a month. Also try to be more active on other online media, eg Twitter, Facebook (which is huge in Malaysia), etc.
  • Exercise. No specific target, just try to improve my fitness levels and continue weightlifting (which I have started in the last year). Try to stay injury-free.