March 5, 2014

Short Trips

Tags: Travel, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Slideshow

Since my last travel post, we have been on a few more short holidays.

First a couple of friends from London came to visit for a couple of days. Certainly long enough to experience Kuala Lumpur, but not enough to properly leave the city. We still managed a couple of trips to greenery inside the city itself - including a hike in Bukit Gasing, a Batu Caves visit and walk around the Bird Park.

We then made a weekend trip to Singapore for a friend’s pre-wedding lunch (the actual ceremony was in London, but many friends/family lived in Singapore). The city is far larger, greener and more open than I expected.

Christmas was spent near Cherating. We arrived just after the east coast floods subsided. Our hotel informed us we were the first booking they hadn’t had to cancel after the property was inundated! As a result the whole area was deserted. We also drove up the coast to Terengganu and had excellent stuffed crab at Tong Juan in Kemaman.

Lastly, I spent a few more days in Hong Kong. My opinions of the city have not changed.

I have combined some of the best photos into a short slideshow, available here.