May 4, 2014


Tags: Travel, Indonesia, Slideshow

Recently we made a quick trip over to Yogyakarta, Indonesia for a long weekend. The main purpose of the trip was a visit to Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in the world. We also ate a number of Indonesian style prawn crackers and went for a tour of a couple local villages.

Before travelling to Borobudur we were warned to expect many local children asking to have their taken photo with us. This was supposedly because while the temple is a major tourist site, it is mostly visited by Indonesian tourists, many of who may not have seen Europeans before in person. I’m not so sure that is true. We got half way through the site (up to the top) before a flurry of photo requests (to which we happily agreed). All the requests came from groups of high-school age children in halting English, and normally with a few standard followup questions - what is your name, where are you from, do you like Indonesia? I heard a couple of the kids repeating my answers to themselves and another taking notes. It think the requests might be part of school assignments where the children were taking advantage of a steady supply of foreigners to practice their English. Anyway, if you visit be prepared and tolerant.

The best photos are in a short slideshow available here.