March 15, 2015


Tags: Games, Travel

This year I went to the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC), held every year in San Francisco (usually sometime in March). I have written about my impression of the conference here. The short version is it was both inspiring and depressing. So this post is just a link to some photos and interesting points.

  • In 40 years I have never seen anyone defecate on the street. A claim I can no longer make after a week in San Francisco - I have now seen it twice. I will definitely stay in a better area of the city next time I go.
  • Apple laptops were everywhere, spotting a PC laptop was quite a rare occurrence. Surface tablets were about as common as iPads, and Android phones outnumbered iPhones.
  • A couple of speakers espoused taking your own path in indie game development and being original, but were introduced as having worked on anodyne AAA games.
  • The Valve expo booth screamed “go away”, I think the designer must have studied some defensive architecture.
  • At least 10 expo booths were showing some sort of VR equipment or software.

The best photos from the trip are in a short slideshow available here.

Conference Floor