May 31, 2015

Hill Station Signature

Tags: Restaurant, Vietnam

When recently in Vietnam we mainly ate streetfood (it is very good!), or food provided as part of an organised tour. So there was not much opportunity to try out local fancy restaurants. However, we did manage to have dinner at Hill Station Signature while in Sapa.

Located on the top of a ridge near the centre of Sapa, this restaurant must have great views of the valley during the day. Although at night the valley is very dark, so we could see little - not a huge problem as we had spent the day hiking in that same valley. The cuisine is inspired by the local Hmong and quite different to traditional Vietnamese food. The decor is quite trendy, lots of space. Some of the tables have seating on the floor rather than chairs. Cost is fair for expensive than other places in Sapa, but about the same a Hanoi restaurant (and a great deal cheaper than London!) - our bill came to around £13.

Unfortunately I was ill at the time we went and so could taste very little of the food. Luckily, my partner was willing to describe the food…

We shared black pudding, a pork dish and the trout. The black pudding was a bit of a surprise. The flavour was good but it was cold and soft. I like my back pudding hot and a bit crispy on the outside (I’m a big fan normally but couldn’t finish this). The trout was beautifully cooked, moist and flaky. But the star was probably the pork which was tender and juicy and came in a tasty sauce mopped up with white rice. We drank local beer. Despite the disappointment of the black pudding (which I’d been looking forward to all day) it was a tasty meal with well cooked quality ingredients and I would gladly go back if I find myself in Sapa again.