July 30, 2015


Tags: Meta

Just a quick post to apologise. Not for missing an update (work on Concealed Intent is still consuming nearly all my waking hours). Instead, my apology is for the new “we use cookies” warning for EU visitors (and hopefully only EU visitors). Recently an EU law was passed to require all websites located within the EU to warn and obtain EU visitor’s permission to use cookies. My warning should appear at the bottom of the page, and disappear, never to return, if you click “Got It!” For reference 3 parts of this website use cookies. There are the ads that appear on the right from Google Adsense; the comment system from Disqus; and, I use Google Analytics to see who visits the site. I’m using Silktide’s CookieConsent system, which claims to be the most popular way to comply with the law, it is very easy to set up and run.