July 18, 2015


Tags: Games, Concealed Intent

Work, work, work. Over the last few months, I have been working hard to complete Concealed Intent to a saleable standard. It is already the longest (2.5 years), largest (>30K LOC) project I’ve ever undertaken, and getting better all the time. It is even available for download here at the moment (warning: in a alpha testing state). That link will continue to host the current version until the game goes on sale as part of Steam Early Access.

How long until Early Access? I’ve tried to derive a plan over at my work blog. Early September is my target. The final run in is:

  • 31st July - v0.9.11: Rework some parts of GUI, like the stats panel and loadout screens.
  • 14th August - v0.9.12: 1v1 online play and supporting screens.
  • 28th August - v0.9.13: Steam integration, 3 extra missions and some AI rework.
  • ?? September - Profit! (or at least, Steam Early Access!)

Please take a look at the alpha version if you can, and please leave feedback too (click ‘J’ at anytime in the game).

If you’d like to follow the game further, check out the links below.

Concealed Intent Contact Details: