January 12, 2016


Tags: Goals

There is the theory of the Moebius, a twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop.

Wise words from Worf.

No, wait. That was last year. I just repeat myself over, and over, …

Actually there is a little difference to last year. Back then my main goal was to complete Concealed Intent to a saleable level. Well, it might only be Steam Early Access, but the game went on sale in November. So now the slightly changed new year’s goals are:

  • Make a full-release of Concealed Intent and market it. Then start, complete and release a second game. I’m fairly confident about the first part of this goal. There is only one main feature left on the Concealed Intent todo list. I expect that is a month or two’s work at most. Then it will be time to polish the game and prepare for a release. The second part of the goal is based on the idea that CI is just way too big. I need to create much smaller games and turn them out faster - any other strategy is immensely risky.
  • Blog on my personal website at least 2 times a month, but less than 4 times a month. Plus also try to be more active on other media. Last year my blogging was on schedule until a self imposed crunch to complete CI hit around August - finishing with 22 posts for the year. For the coming year, the bounds are widened slightly from 3-4/month to 2-4/month. Since I plan to avoid crunching again, this should be easy!
  • Exercise. In August last year I was the strongest I’ve ever been based on the weights I could lift (not bad for a 41 year old). I could also run for 30min without pain - something I’ve never been able to do previously. Then I stopped to make more time for coding. My voracious appetite (based on lots of exercise) continued despite being at a desk all day, so I put on several kilos of weight. When I started running again a few weeks ago, my fitness had greatly regressed and managed only 15 minutes. I haven’t tried going back to the gym yet. This year I hope to recover the previous performance peak, and then surpass it.