June 15, 2017

Japan Trip

Tags: Travel, Japan

We are just back from a fortnight’s holiday in Japan, visiting Kyoto and Tokyo. It was definitely a worthwhile vacation, and an interesting country, although Tokyo is extremely large and crowded. Some thoughts:

  • Tokyo and Japanese culture did not seem that strange. Perhaps because it has become globalised and so commonly seen. Tokyo just seemed like a city big enough that normally small sub-cultures could grow enough to become noticed and make a mark on the city.
  • I love the idea of underground automatic bicycle parking
  • There are ubiquitous (never vandalised) vending machines - so you can always get a drink (sometimes even beer!)
  • Keiren races are well attended, but rarely watched (the crowd spent most of the time gambling).
  • As an Australian/British person, having someone beckon you upstairs for a restaurant feels so very wrong and likely to be a scam, but apparently is nothing special in Japan

My best photos from the trip are in a short slideshow available here.