January 29, 2018


Tags: Goals

Again with the goals! Over the last year I have left Kuala Lumpur, and spent over half a year back in London. Concealed Intent has not made enough money to live in London, so I had to get a job. Now I work in FinTech startup, and it consumes a great deal of my time and energy. As a result there has been little time to meet last years goals and my progress has suffered.

Create and release a game and blog on my websites at least 4 times a month are both failed goals. I do have 3 prototype games, but took none of them further (yet). There was also a months work to release the 1.2 update of Concealed Intent. My blogging got close to the 48 posts required, although still fell short. There were only 9 posts on this blog - most in the first half of the year (before the move to London), and not enough on the others to make up the difference.

Exercise and learn Spanish went much better - I think these can be marked as successful. I kept up around 10-15 minutes of Spanish per day, even through the move. I have completed the beginner courses on two websites and will start an online intermediate course soon. However, having listened to a few intermediate level Spanish podcasts, I am not at that level yet - I am between beginner and intermediate. In the first half of 2017 I set personal bests in various weights exercises. In the second half I lost a great deal of weight while maintaining strength a little below those PBs.

This years my goals are much less ambitious and more vague. Keep exercising, keep learning Spanish, blog occasionally, release a 1.3 update to Concealed Intent (the last one) and, if I have the time, do some game dev. That is it, nothing too onerous. Under the circumstances I can’t promise more.