May 7, 2018

What Next?

Tags: Meta, Concealed Intent, Work

Behold! The 1.3 update to Concealed Intent has been released!

This release is of course 6 months after it was original planned, but I have just been too busy to get it done. I the end I took time off from work to finish it. It has also been a financial failure, the 3000 sales (so far) have not even covered my living costs during development (at around 10K sales there would have been a profit). So, this will probably be the last significant release for Concealed Intent. There may be a small update to clean up a few loose ends, but basically the game is “done” and “good enough”. It would take a great burst of inspiration combined with a great deal of spare time for the situation to change.

Since Concealed Intent has been the main consumer of time for many years now, what does finishing it mean? What comes next?

Now most of my time is spent at work - a normal weekday job. Supposedly I am a Technical Product Manager at Substantive Research - a London startup working in the post Mifid II research environment. However, most of my time is spent on programming NLP AI systems on research reports (not too much management). It is quite interesting and the conditions are good, so I have no other work plans at the moment.

The problem is that SR takes up most of my time in typical startup fashion. I would like to create further games, and have more ideas than I could ever develop, but can’t realistically get started properly right now. I have lost that naivety. I now know how much work it required to create a commercial game. No longer can I just start with nothing but optimism.

So the plan is to continue working at SR and try where possible to create little game libraries or other projects for fun. If perhaps they could be later used as building blocks towards a proper game, that would be perfect. Although, most of the time I’ll just be a boring software programmer employee.