June 26, 2018


Tags: Meta

You may of heard about GDPR recently? Or maybe just received a flood of privacy policy updates?

It is time for one more. Previously this website used some Google 3rd party services that may track visitors (Adsense, Analytics and Search). I have now turned them all off. It was a fairly easy decision to make. I haver tracked the site analytics for many years, so why keep it on? Same for the ads. In over 10 years of running this blog I have earned a few pennies over £75. No loss to turn it all off.

There is still one service on this site that may use cookies and tracking, if you are one of their customers already. That is Disqus, who provide the comments system at the bottom of most pages. Their GDPR statement is available here

Update (2021-02-21): Commenting has been disabled, so no more potential GDPR issues there!