April 29, 2019

No Goals

Tags: Goals

Here we are 5 months into the year, and I am only just writing my annual goals review/plan post. That delay should give an indication to the importance such goals have this year. It has been a bad start to the year, so I’m not going to set any new objectives. Instead, ending the year in nearly the same state as it started will be considered great success. For the remainder of this year I just hope to continue exercising, continue some small fun projects when possible, and work out what to do next.

For reference, last year my unambitious goals were to:

  • keep exercising - achieved, my personal bests have lept forward over the last 18 months.
  • keep learning Spanish - I kept up with regular lessons, but discovered the limitations of mainly studying online. While staying in Spain I can generally make myself understood. However, I am completely hopeless at understanding native Spanish speakers (demasiado rapido!). Under current circumstances, I am not certain I will be able to continue with lessons.
  • blog occasionally - 7 blog posts in a year, so that counts as very occasional! I imagine this year with be similar.
  • release Concealed Intent 1.3 - achieved, but that is the only gamedev related task I even started.