April 7, 2020

All Change

Tags: General, Meta, A Gamedev Plays, Concealed Intent

The world is in a state of flux, and so is my life. As of last week, I am no longer employed at Substantive Research. Also 6 months ago I moved back in my hometown: Perth, Australia. The plan is to take the opportunity to try creating games again. I started prototyping ideas Monday. These new games will be smaller than Concealed Intent, but still in the strategy/tactics genre, as that is what I enjoy. I do not plan on any significant work on Concealed Intent. If there is a bug I will fix it, but otherwise that game is done.

I have decided to completely shelve the “A GameDev Plays…” project. The YouTube channel will continue to exist, but there are no plans to add new videos (not to say I won’t add one later if I get the motivation). The website is shutdown, and all the old content moved to this blog under the A Gamedev Plays tag.

In the next month or so, I plan to reactivate my communication channels (including this blog) and let people know what is happening properly.