May 25, 2021

Short Trips in WA

Tags: Travel, Australia

As travel restrictions continue in Western Australia, it is near impossible to get outside the country, and risky to go interstate. So when the opportunity came to get away for a few days, it was time to look close to home. Hence why I spent 3 days in Kalgoorlie and another 3 days in Hamelin Bay despite having visited both before (but in the 80’s).

Some notes:

  • Do not go camping during school holidays! The camping site in Hamelin Bay was at capacity. I think the spot they gave us was normally a footpath. It was also noisy.
  • The Cape to Cape seems like a good multiday hike. Might be worth a look someday.
  • The Margret river region has become surprisingly built-up over the years, especially the northern end near Dunsborough. Head south or inland for the scenery.
  • The area around Kalgoorlie had far more flora than I remember. It was just scrubby bush and small trees, but definitely not a desert.
  • Kalgoorlie is clearly a working city (and very large by WA bush standards), there are few concessions to tourists. Mining clothes are worn on the street. Most of the pubs looked rough, and one even advertised skimpies (barmaids wearly little clothing) - something I haven’t noticed in Perth for decades.
  • The train the Kalgoorlie is so slow. The buffet car barely qualifies as such and runs out quickly, bring your own food. Although I like that some of the stops were just a platform and carpark with no other sign of civilisation visible.
  • The main streets in Kalgoorlie are very wide and empty. Also many of the old 1890’s buildings are still there. You can get a good idea of what it must have looked like a century ago.

Some photos from the trip are in a short slideshow available here.