April 13, 2022

Real Dreams

Tags: Memories

Starting as a teenager and continuing into my 20’s I had occasionally recurring dream of going up the Swan River from Perth (where I grew up). Within a few twists and turns it would quickly transform from urban city into wild bush with high river banks. Then I would arrive at a wonderful water funpark in the middle of this wilderness. I never thought much of it.

Recently I moved back to Perth. Now I live in Maylands, just a few kilometres from the city centre. Part of this area is a pennisula into a curve of the Swan River. Soon after moving in I went for a walk down to the river and immediately had a sense of deja vu. The area around the river is a park giving way to a swamp before the water, and on the other side are high banks with trees and modern apartment blocks poking up over the top. It reminded me of more realistic version of that dream (if the apartment blocks were gone).

Maylands Pennisula

And then I saw the water park. It is clearly for small children - just some shallow pools and small slides. No photos as it is currently under reconstruction and mostly just looks like a building site. Presumably that dream must have been based on a real (and probably happy?) visit to this place when I was a very young. Forgotten consciously, it lived on in slumbering fantasy.