June 27, 2022


Tags: Travel, Australia

I’m just back from a week in Brisbane (or more like 5 days when travel days are taken into account). It is worth visiting, but I don’t feel any need to return (is this how people feel about Perth?). It seems like a city for living. We spent most of time walking around the city and just hanging out. Surprisingly pleasant thing to do as long as one doesn’t travel too far into the suburbs. The city makes decent (but not great) use of its river. There are good crowds in the CBD, good public transport - it all felt safe. A nice trip.

We also spent a day on the Gold Coast and my thoughts of that city are less favourable. It felt sterile and empty, like a retirement village. However, many of the shops and bars suggest a beach & alcohol centred holiday resort (like parts of Spain, not my sort of thing). So maybe it was quiet because it was a working winter’s day.

Not enough good photos to create a slideshow of this trip. I rarely felt the need to take a photo.


The Gold Coast