September 2, 2022


Tags: Meta, Technical

This website has moved. Since 2013 it has been hosted on a small virtual server at Linode. Now it is hosted through Github Pages. I should mention I have been very happy with Linode’s service and cost, but their minimum service is still overkill for this simple static website. I continue to use Linode for the Concealed Intent game server (for now).

So why the move? Maintaining an Internet facing server is a pain. There are a number of threats and it is just not worth the time in upkeep. Or worse, no support is performed and the server slowly degrades, becoming increasingly vulnerable (of which I am guilty since 2019). With Github all that work is handled by someone else, and the cost is 100% less (Github is free on my current plan, but even if I need to go to the paid plan later it’s still 25% cheaper).

There are some useful side effects of going to Github too. The site uses HTTPS always, without me needing to play around with certs! Also, I changed DNS provider to Cloudflare, and so far their free service is great too - they even cache & compress the website so it should load super quick.

Overall, I have been happy with the process and outcome. There was a bit of fiddliness getting the DNS setup due to lag in updates propogating, but that was it for problems. The only issue to solve now is how to handle automatic backups, but then Github is probably more reliable then me, so I’m not rushing (touch wood). Might have to look into moving Concealed Intent too, although that’s a much bigger task.