December 14, 2022


Tags: Games, Space Hex Duel

Just after the pandemic started, I used the time in lockdown to start writing a new computer game. Later I stopped because it was a mess, but soon after I started again. Now it is released! Since it was never supposed to be a full game (just an experiment to get things going again) I have greatly skimped on promotion and marketing. Ohh, and the name. It is called Space Hex Duel. It is a turn-based game of strategy and careful positioning.

Space Hex Duel

Here is a short trailer showing off the gameplay:

I have put it up on as a Pay-What-You-Want (PWYW) download (suggested donation US$2). I recommend interested people download it for free, and if they enjoy it and would like to say thankyou, then go back and donate. Maybe later I will put it out on Steam too.

All the info on the game is ( or will be) on its Jarrah Technology webpage.

Now I need to decide what to do next…