February 14, 2023

15 years

Tags: Meta, General

The first post published here was fifteen years ago this month. Now there are 436 posts in total (including this one) corresponding to a rate of 29 posts/year. The result is 2.6MB of ascii text and around 240000 words which means an average post is 550 words.

Since the last similar meta post 7 years ago, I have removed all visitor tracking, so no cookies or comments (or at least there shouldn’t be unless someone is injecting them - let me know if you see any). The site is also hosted for free on Github without logs. Thus it is no longer possible to be sure how many people visit, or from where, or for how long. Although I suspect that the trend is downwards as there are less of the technical posts that picked up organic Google Search traffic in the past and more posts about games I’m playing.

On the plus side, this blog no longers costs me anything (other than writing time). At the start it cost US$10/month for hosting plus my sysadmin time. Then it went to US$5/month + sysadmin as improving technology compared to my relatively static requirements meant I could use smaller systems. Now hosting a few GB of static site is effectively no cost, and certainly no cost to me.

In the very first post I detailed my reasons for creating this blog:

“The aim of this blog is to detail my attempts to create a business that exists on more just selling my time as a consultant; other programming projects I undertake; and any other nonsense I think about.”

I think that last clause has been met :) It has been some time since the last programming post (other than advertising for my games). Most of my days are spent coding, but I rarely feel what I doing is notable enough for public comment. I should probably change that, and just force out some technical posts.