February 10, 2023


Tags: Goals

Why do I do this? Am I a masochist? Time again to assess last years goals:

  • Increase strength and aerobic fitness: As I write this, I am injured - a reoccurrence of an old foot problem. So my exercise plan is on pause. This happened a couple of times last year. The plan was to lose some weight and then push for new highs. However, due to injury, covid and other things I didn’t manage to start losing weight until November. Thus I am definitely not stronger this year. I have been cycling regularly (until my foot injury a couple of days ago) so I might be fitter aerobically. Call this one a partial success.
  • Finish and release SHD: Done! There should be a patch release soon too.
  • Update Common Library: Done! Or at least done enough to qualify as a success.
  • Computer prototype Ci2D: Nope, not even started (but the plan is to start in March).
  • Paper prototype IPO, Ci2D, & maybe one other: Done! I have decent, not obviously broken, prototypes of IPO & Ci2d. Both could use a few more iterations, but not too bad.
  • 18 blog articles (including Jarrah Technology): Done! There were 12 posts here and 14 on jarrahtechnology.com.
  • Fix steps, reticulation, ceiling crack & shading: Done!

5.5 out of 7. Not too bad actually.

I’m not going to be as ambitious this coming year:

  • Increase strength and aerobic fitness: Once my foot heals it is time to get back on track. So I need to be aerobically fitter according to my HRM (currently 39 VO2max) and have personal bests for 5 reps (powerlifting rules) in bench press (90kg), overhead press (45kg), and pullups (102kg).
  • Demo quality Ci2D: Have something good enough to show other people (by my assessment).
  • Continue on IPO & maybe one other: IPO might have some potential. I should keep going with it.
  • 18 blog articles (including Jarrah Technology): Same as last year. Easy but just need to do it.
  • Fix the bedroom window issues, fix the terrace drainage problem & build a rabbit hutch: Some things I’ve promised around the house.
  • Paint at least 10 minatures, and have played all my boardgames: I have taken up minature painting although my skill is severely lacking. I should give it a decent try. There are also 5 games currently in my boardgame collection I haven’t played - I need to change that.