May 3, 2023


Tags: Travel, Australia

It has been a while since I last travelled out of Perth, so it was nice to get away to Adelaide and its surrounds for a week.

Some thoughts:

  • Adelaide seems like a very quiet city, it reminds of Perth in that regard. However, where Perth is all about the beach or river, for Adelaide it is all about wineries. Must be a nice place to live.
  • The Adelaide city markets are definitely worth a visit - should be more places like this in Australia.
  • The little laneways around the edges of either end of Rundle St (not the mall) have some great alfresco dining.
  • The center of Adelaide is very well laid out and pleasant to be around. It is encircled by a park which is excellent planning (reminded me of the half-encircling Turia Gardens in Valencia).
  • The last winery in a winery tour should pay the tour organisers. Anecdotally, the last place on the tour makes the most sales since everyone is a little drunk.
  • Going to wineries gets a bit repetitive - how many ways are there to say “this is a nice wine”?
  • There is not much to see at the mouth of the Murray River (Australia’s longest river), but the drive down there has some interesting sights (and of course, wineries).
  • Still using my iPhone for photos, maybe time to dump the old camera?
  • A week is more than enough to “see” Adelaide.

Some photos from the trip are in a short slideshow available here.