June 6, 2023


Tags: Games, Miniatures

Through the purchase of various bordgames I have acquired a large number of small miniatures. Most of them are just the monochrome plastic. I thought it might be nice to try painting them. However, I didn’t want to start by wrecking the minis of any of my current games, so I bought a learn to paint kit (from Reaper Miniatures) which came with a few test minis.

Behold the result of my labours:

First Attempt

Not great, but not awful. They are each about 5 centimeters in height and at a tabletop viewing distance look “ok”. Of course if you get close or look at closeup photos, all you can see are the errors. So what did I learn apart from my eyesight is getting worse and my hands are unsteady?

  • The less paint per layer the better. It is easier to fix up a watered down bad stroke with another stroke/layer, rather than being stuck with too much paint hiding details or just in the wrong place.
  • Take regular breaks.
  • Have a “mistake” brush handy. If paint goes where it shouldn’t, promptly brushing it with water will usually fix it up.
  • They took about 3 hours each (one at a time), so try doing a few at once. Hopefully I’ll speed up.

I think it is worth continuing. Next up I’m going to try some duplicate BattleTech miniatures.